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5. The Derrier

A rounded peach shaped buttock is well thought-out most appealing for men. The woman's buttocks provisions fat for breast feeding and cargo space for lean times. This is also why larger buttocks are also well thought-out attractive.

If you where to look at past females they would knowingly try to make their buttocks seem larger. But today this is seen as bad healthiness and over-indulgence.

Designer jeans help in charitable the buttocks a firm rounded look. High heel shoes make your back arch and push your buttocks outward. And also makes you jiggle when you walk. Which this all helps to noticeably be a focus for male attention. A real awareness grabber is the most recent jeans that show the top part of the bum.

6. Flat Belly

A flat belly indicates that she is not pregnant. And be with most prominently that she is in good health. This being why exercise room and yoga curriculum are overflowing with citizens frustrating and in receipt of a flat tummy. Sit ups are an easy bring to bear for at home.

Tummy tops and hip huggers are used to show more of the stomach. And at the same time draw more consideration to the hips. Creation them seem better and more contained by reach (teasing).

Jewelry is a good way to be a magnet for concentration to your stomach. Such as a belly fasten ring or a gold or silver chain about the waist. Most males find this very charismatic s it aids in creation your hips seem superior and your waist narrower.

7. Vaulted Back & Vulva

A woman's body is much lesser and curvier then a man's. Her upper back is narrower and her lower back is wider and her spine more arched. The arching makes the buttocks extend beyond and push the breast forward.

All of these curves and arches is a sign of feminity. Ask any woman to be sexy and her first attitude will commonly be an exaggerated back-arch and hip-tilt with one or both arms sited on her hips to take up more space and so be more liable to catch the attention of attention.

8. Long Neck

Men's necks are short, wide and strong. They are this way to avoid them from snapping. And to carry heavy bits and pieces such as animals after a hunt.

Meaning that the female's long neck is a brawny gender signal, which men love to kiss and see decked out with jewelry.

9. The face

Small faces with short chins, delicate jaws, high cheekbones, full lips, and eyes that are big in comparison to the face. In common a vulnerable childish face and a wide smile are most loved by men.

This triggers kind reactions in men to guard and a sexual answer to touch. The fact that men are attracted to young faces has ambitious older woman to attain this look thru false surgery. You can find a few examples on your own just by looking at Hollywood's finest.

We will now go over every part of the face to see how the male brain reacts to them:

10. Corporeal Mouth

Humans are the only animals to have their lips on the outside. A woman's lips are the same thickness as her vagina and both when aroused increase and fill with blood.

Lipstick mimics this state: Forceful men that she is crooked on by him or fascinated in him. Brainy red eye shadow is one of the strongest sexual signals a woman can use. Self-conscious is also a state of arousal. Rouge is worn to build this bring about permanently. Face powder gives the skin a easy unblemished cast bountiful a teenage complexion.

11. Ear Lobes

The duration of a woman's earlobes is also a beefy sexual signal. Woman in Africa have been on purpose escalating them for thousands of years.

Today this is achieved by dressed in long earrings. It is proven that the more the hoops droop the more the men are attracted. While the use of long studs often is not a good idea as they can cause damage. Use them more for romantic encounters.

The use of more clever foundation and eye shadow ought to be well thought-out in the affair world. As it may be a focus for the wrong awareness from males and cause enmity with other females.

12. Appealing eyes

Large eyes are alluring in most countries. Framework is used to make the eyes seem better to men hence benevolent them the defensive feeling. If a woman is attracted in a man, her pupils dilate, and mascara, eye shadow and eye makeup all construct a eternal state of attractiveness. Associate lenses give the eyes a glossy, dilated look. Experiments show men are strangely attracted to woman exhausting contacts.

Celebrities immovable devoid of make up are photographed and displayed in magazines to make other woman feel good about themselves. The contemporary woman has befall so used to frame that they think they are ugly not including it. Make up be supposed to be used as an aid to allure the accepted beauty that all woman have. Men find this more appealing then those who use it as a mask to hide behind.

13. Small nose

A innocent attribute that once again brings out the defending parental feelings in a man. Most cartoons are drawn with large eyes and a cute fasten nose to win over the hearts of The viewers. This being the basis for nose surgery to form the nose 35-40 degrees to the face. And generous it a innocent appearance.

14. Long hair

A free hair lives for 6 years; you loose 80-100 hairs a day. Blondes have an be an average of of 140,000 hairs, brunettes 110,000 and redheads 90,000. Blondes have privileged estrogen levels that men pick up on and see them as being more fertile. Blonde hair is also seen as a sign of youth.

Smooth, silky clean looking hair is seen as a sign of good health. And the capability to carry offspring. Out of a appraise of 5000 men 75% of them where more attracted to long hair as the other 12% was for shorter hair. And the other had no preference.

Remember keep it long to be a magnet for and wear it short for business.

By: Andre Leblanc

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