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The top ten secrets for great sex! - sexuality


Clearly there are no rules, only what lovers have known since Antony and Cleopatra: "Pay attention, be kind, and be loving". But the subsequent Top Ten List might be a constructive reminder! Enjoy!

1. Guys: Great sex starts in the kitchen! Wash the dishes, take out the trash, give her a break, let her know she's appreciated. Romance and tiredness do not mix -- think about it! (Besides, eminence there, side by side, washing and drying those dishes, hands could get to roamin' and motors could get to tickin' . . . the most amazing belongings do happen!)

2. Gals: Tell that old fool just faithfully what you've been before you for! Most males are infamously poor mind readers, they just don't "get it". So tell him! "A a small amount softer" or "let me show you" goes much advance than, "How come you never know what I want?"

3. Guys: Take time! Sex is about fun, relaxation, laughter and love -- this is not a battle or a 50-yard dash to the be over line! Start slow, let it build, then be over strong. A glass of wine, maybe some music, a backrub, even a few action of silence can shift the mood and make belongings verrrry interesting!!

4. Gals: Make Time! How often does sex crop up last thing at night, with two exhausted citizens annoying to find each other in the dark? Or, first thing in the morning, half asleep, with bad breath? If sex is important, why not treat it like being paid your haircut or alternative the kids up after school? In other words, schedule time, put it on the calendar and treat it as a key part of maintenance by hand and the ancestors consecutively smoothly.

5. Guys: Think about your 4th date with the woman you love, after you were well au fait but the whole thing still felt new and exciting. Consider accepted wisdom about it, scheduling it, creation banquet reservations? Bear in mind being on time? Did you bring flowers, maybe plan a little romantic or special? Commit to memory captivating a shower and using cologne? Well, guess what -- she's still exceptional and she's still waiting!

6. Gals: If you want great sex, seduce him! This is not rocket science! Most guys are sooooo easy. They're "visual" -- show him what he likes. They're by far pleased -- murmur what he wants to hear. Touch him right there, or if you prefer, right THERE!!! Tease him, just don't be a tease.

7. Guys: Amaze her. Women love that. And, the beauty is, approximately no matter which will work. Amazement her with flowers, with a card, get a baby-sitter for the evening, put a note on the windshield of her car. Even amaze her by cleaning the bathroom! Approximately no matter which will work, just be kind, be gentle, and put a hardly attention into it.

8. Gals: With all the talk about "size", bring to mind that a man's largest sex organ is his mind's eye -- so use your own! Each one has fantasies -- some romantic, some kinky, maybe even a few that are a little precarious or outrageous. What are yours? And, what are his? Why not play dress-up? Why not go on a date with a celebrity "new"?

9. Guys: I just told the gals you have a great thoughts -- don't make me a liar! Use it! How long has it been since you had sex in the back seat of a Ford? Would she enjoy a date with a spy? Being seduced by a plumber or "the cable guy"? Is your shower big adequate for two? Ever done it at the company -- how about her office?

10. Gals: Take time to add brand and spice with attractive magazines, toys, movies and charming lingerie. For most citizens (including men) pornography cursorily turns into a turn-off, but a a small amount satin and lace, maybe some bodily cinema or using collective household items in a whole new way can sure add delight to the old routine. Explore, experiment, lock the bedroom door and play some brand new games! As they say, "Just do it!"

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