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Barbi was studying the Tarot and had demonstrated a great 'gift' for it. Her Empathic qualities are doubtless correlated to the early life place where she went to avoidance from her sexually abusive grandfather mentioned in the poem Life is a Fantasy.

When we made LOVE she commonly 'blacked out' at some point in orgasm and would 'come to' having an orgasm still. I would every now and then go with her consciously and often would alter positions. This abnormal sexual 'attunement' is called La Little Mort or 'the hardly death'.

I heard a sex 'expert' on TV say it was only qualified by one out of a million people. She was not able to consciously remember her come across while 'blacked out' and I would have to help her sense what it was. This also helped her with her self-esteem issues. She later fixed 'The Builders of the Adytium' correspondence avenue on the Tarot moderately for the reason that of amazing else that happened this day. The 'Builders' are one of the feeder organizations in the Rosicrucian hierarchy. This hierarchy is still the branch of learning of do research for me, but at that time I before now knew they aspired to be alchemists and were a Christian mystery school.

Empathy is much more than the kind of listening practice enclosed by Steven Covey in 'Seven Steps' or even on foot a mile in another's moccasins. It is part of how associates heal each other.

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