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How to use a vibrating egg or bullet vibrator - why are they so good for my sex life? - sexuality


Vibrating eggs or bullets are clitoral stimulators, they are not meant to breach the vagina. Vibrating eggs and bullets are mini vibrators, commonly about 2 inches long that pulse and build a tantilizing feel from the high rate of vibration. Vibrating eggs and bullets are small and diplomatic and more quiet then a basic vibrator so they are good for travel. They have a faint active noise, like a bee and are considerably quieter then a conventional vibrator.

The average way to use a vibrating egg or vibrating bullet, is to hold it anti your clitoris while you are having sex. This even works follower arrange becuase the sex toy is so small that it stays out of the way. With that reason, eggs and bullets are an admirable first sex toy for many shy women or for women who are not as open with their sexuality and would like to explore it further.

Another way to use the silver bullet is to hold it aligned with the man's testicles. Many men use a vibrating bullet while masturbating.

The bullet can se used in foreplay as well, use it to delight each others bodies and enjoy the enticing tickling feeling! The Fukuoku fiddle with vibrator is a mini bullet with a identify strap, these amazing hardly inventions are the best for tickling and teasing. They are good for stimulating the clitoris becuase you do not have to hold on to them. Fukuoku fiddle with vibrators are free for viewing and for sale at http://www. TheAdultToyShoppe. com on the first page of the Clitroal Stimulators section.

In addendum to the average egg or bullet, there are some variations and they include:

Strap on clitoral stimulators:

These are also knows as a "Venus Penis". The name comes from the first consequence of this type. (Available at the Adult Toy Shoppe. ) These are chiefly a vibrating egg classified a individually shaped molding that stimulate your clitoris, vaginal cavity and every so often your g-spot or anal area. They are held on with a strap and they wear like a thong. These sex toys can be worn under clothing or at times while you are having sex. They are a step up from the conventional eggs and bullet sex toys becuase they are more "hands free" and stimulate a better area.

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