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Our young girls are dressing more and more like hardly whores than diminutive girls. They are also knowledge very early in life that sex can get them the "bling bling" jeans and sneakers they want. That in itself is bad a sufficient amount but where they learn these behaviors is even more disturbing. Not from music or videos but from home.

With grandmothers and mothers being paid younger and younger the role models young girls have to look up to are being paid few and in between. You have young girls and women with kids still annoying to have a "life" and doing at all to fund it

You would have to be a damned fool to think the kids don't know how mommy or auntie uses men to get bills paid or how a variety of men are only about when the rent or car note is due. What a grown woman does to assistance herself is her commerce but it sends a bad idea to the children. The barely girls see the bits and pieces gain but don't learn about the sex correlated diseases, superfluous pregnancies, stalkers, or baby daddy drama until it's too late.

I'm petitioning all young women with offspring to think about what you do and say in front of your diminutive girl, if you want to be a hoochie mamma (read whore, let's call a spade a spade) that's on you but give your a small amount girl a choice. . .

My name is George Cook owner/writer of the African American web site Let's Talk Honestly at http://www. letstalkhonestly. com. I at this time write commentary as well as poetry about issues as to the Black Community. My work is now being available at http://www. onelifeinc. org and I am discussion with 2 more sites.

I am a ex- martial man, married for 11 years with 1 child. I have self available a book of poetry Let's Talk Honestly "My Poetry" also about isssues in the Black Community. I can be reached at George@letstalkhonestly. com or letsbook@aol. com


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