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I do not have a pornography addiction; that is my approved party line. At least it was until I visited this site: http://www. noeldouglas. com/psychology/pornography/Are_You_a_Pornography_Addict, that came decidedly recommended. I've constantly maintained that guys have more addictive personalities than gals (just a individual celebration - I have no exact data to back it up). Therefore, if you are male and a porno-phile like myself, I challenge you also to take this "test. "

Dr. Douglas makes some very intuitive points. One was the guilt feature linked with porn, which is quite true in my circumstance. A different good point he brings up is the current of the porn addict (or any addict for that matter) to exchange porn for intimacy. However, I don't automatically think that it's such a bad thing to view pornography when you're bored, nor to view pornography in order to for the interim avoid your not public troubles (and, no, I don't think I'm wading in a illustrious African river with this one); as long as you admit the commotion as a brief pause or breathing space in the long-lasting saga that is your life (like infectious a quick movie at the theater), and as long as you don't put your evils off indefinitely.

In my case, I dine of pornography as I would any other diversion such as baseball, picnicking, or examination TV.

Valid despite the fact that his points were, I felt at times that his development for a point was nonsensical. For example, his 13th cast doubt on asks if there are other armed forces compelling you to watch porn. But to illustrate his point, he asks the booklover if he (the reader) as a matter of fact aspires to be a change for the better characteristic but is in a weak position in that attempt by pornography. What forces, whether in-house or external, was the doctor of medicine alluding to?

Similarly, he difficulty whether the person who reads has ever fearful away an old pornography assembly only to put back the assortment with a new stash (question 9). Good questions. Then, however, he kind of goes off at a tangent and asks if the test-taker has ever viewed pornography or masturbated while in an altered, substance-induced, mental state. Huh?

At times, his points were repetitive. The emotional disconnect concerning the addict and his loved ones was mentioned more than twice.

Mind you, none of his points in isolation are misspoken. I just brain wave that oftentimes he took a faulty step in the path of his logic, and finally in the choice of the test.

So I took the test with the same mindset I all the time have when I'm, ahem, engaging in porn: I can quit any time I so choose. But a small part of my awareness constantly thinks that I just may be lying to myself, and here's why.

There have been times when I told in my opinion I wouldn't look at porn for a set period. But, that would only make me want to look at naked women all the more (is that an addictive trait? I asked myself). It's the times when I gave in my opinion free reign to look at all the porn that I so desired, that the porn didn't quite hold the same level of excitement for me. On the one hand, I guess we, as humans, do often want what we can't have or that which is forbidden. Conversely, it could be as Dr. Doug said: you can befall desensitized to the be around porn and may need more acute pornographic bits and pieces to attain the same carnal elation.

Having concluded the "test", I've come to the deduction that I'm not a porn addict, per se. And yes, I did weigh more than a few factors such as 1) my amplified aspiration for porn when it wasn't eagerly available; 2) my bent to view smut when I had naught develop to do; and 3) a every now and then pervading sense of guilt after a long viewing "session. "

I achieve that I just have an over-blown sense of self effacement due to my biting Christian upbringing. And just as some colonize look at oil paintings and others gaze at sunsets, I enjoy looking at naked women; it's soothing. The female body is truly the most charming thing that God put on this earth. If that earns me the label of a visual (pornography) addict, so be it. I've been called much worse.

On the other hand, maybe it's about time I got off this Egyptian cruise ship.

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