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I wish to expansion on the aim we are going with the gay and lesbian civil liberties movement. It is heartbreaking too fast and there will be a backlash, due to their stance on many issues. I talked to a Lawyer, a gay guy who was from Los Angeles today about raising adopted babies. He said he in my opinion would never do it, but it is a great idea. He said to me it was beat than them being raised by the Broad Church. WOW. Heavy account and he might have a touch there. I did not want to get into a verbal consideration over the issue, as a rule cause I win, and this guy just did not have the brainpower for it at least (most homosexuals are above be around aptitude in my opinion). He was accepted in his contention of the Extensive Church, so I see his perspective.

What I see over all is a lining up of opposition, First it was the Boy Scouts and that was certainly not a good issue since it was blown out of fraction and just for the reason that adults be dissimilar is no basis to hurt the kids over the issues. After all the Boy Scouts is an American Tradition and be supposed to not be compromised due to a few cut off incidents. The Boy Scouts help kids and each one gay or not ought to be 100% for ration kids; it is our accountability to the next generation. This issue of gay colonize suing to adopt and putting the issue out in the media and civic is not a good idea right now, since we must stay united as a country. There will be a time for adjustment and slow alter is change for the better for all, too much too soon will hurt both sides credibility, promote hatred and difference of opinion on all sides. Anyway the media makes a field day out of it anyway, since controversy sells newspapers. Since I do not opine, but do accept as true every kid who needs to be adopted gets adopted and right now that is happening. Right now it is beat to all say we are Americans and we stick together.

Look; let's all get on the same page and work all together on a conventional goal and hen we can argue this as acquaintances in its place of as enemies or alienated as Blue and Red, Black or White; Gay or Straight. Let's all chill out and think about it alright?

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