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Technique! We seem to have befit obsessed by it! There are maybe thousands of books present exhaustive explanations of ways to make love to your partner. But what about spontaneity? Where's that gone? What about the pleasures of the extemporized quickie? You're both horny, there's a raw urgency in the air, and you need it NOW!

Some women are frightened to let their partner know that they'd like a quickie. Conjecture he misinterprets it and thinks you just want a quick shag that can be over and done inside next to no time for the reason that you can't be anxious with the 'real thing'? The truth is, if you're horny and lusting for him, defective a quickie will just show how much you still fancy him on a animal basis. You wouldn't feel irked at being desperately hunted by the bloke you fancy most, would you?

Sex serves many purposes and alteration is no bad thing. One aim is the fortification of that clandestine bond which exists only among the two of you; a little insignificant person else can share in. For this reason, having a quickie in a 'forbidden' circumstances can essentially strengthen the relationship. When each person is in full swing at the party, a duo that go exterior and urgently make love have a cloak-and-dagger that's theirs alone.

The excitement of being found out is also often associated with quickie sex. Having a quick romp in a semi-public place (such as after the garage at the above mentioned party) can be approvingly stimulating. The air of 'naughtiness' often leads to intense arousal, culminating in delicious sex that's evenly as good as the sex we'd as a rule have in our comfortable beds with abundance of foreplay.

The term 'sex-positions' takes on a whole new consequence with quickie sex and couples often find themselves in positions that they'd never have if not experimented with. Old pieces of furniture, a wall, a washing apparatus or no matter which else that happens to be close by comes into its own when no-frills sex is on the menu.

One or both partners are as a rule incompletely dressed, amazing which in itself can be very arousing. Being held up anti a wall with one breast external your bra, your knickers about your knees and annoying not to kick those litter bins for fear of attracting redundant attention. . . . well, it could just as by a long shot be a fantasy!

There's no right time or place for a quickie. Only your mind can limit where and when. If you actually want it, you'll find a place or job that will be apposite for a bout of urgent sex. The kitchen table, the patch shed, or even a toilet seat will do. Just keep one thing in mind - no be relevant how critical you are, it certainly isn't a good idea to area of interest coincidental by-passers to your ardent frolics. There are adequate of exhibitionists around, but we aren't all voyeurs!

Happy bonking!

About The Author

Sharon grew up in East London but moved to Norway at the age of 19, chronic to England in 1998. She now lives in Cheshire with her partner and two of her three children. Also writing, she is at present studying Community Knowledge with The Open University, runs a web site where women in the UK can meet other women for nonsexual friendship (www. friendsyourway. co. uk), potters in her garden, knits and reads the whole lot she comes over.

s. jacobsen@friendsyourway. co. uk


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