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Hottest topic of the world no adult likes to miss. Each one requirements the foretaste of sex in any form openly or secretly. Gives pleasure even for the duration of talks, read, experience, watch, dream and etc. Aim of enjoyment even at some point in talks etc; is the crucial pleasure concerned in sexual act. This is an goad exceptional to all life creatures by characteristics to act for procreation.

Pleasure is consequent by relief from circulate of seeds. Attraction of in search of pleasure military us to act is among the most chief responsibilities towards the nature. Life forms would be least engrossed moving such actions not including pleasure or for human would have be converted into the spiritual rite to perform. So the attraction of pleasure is an goad that armed forces to carry this conscientiousness with best of best interest. Characteristics never sought after life form to break away from from this conscientiousness thus introduced a taste named "Pleasure".

Each one is liable to admire the modus operandi bent by nature. Exciting pleasure is derivative because of reactions to the attraction of environment, is to activate functioning tools and call pleasure is consequential all through release. Both types pleasure are mental but in atypical ways.

Environment is created by encouragement and submission for hunger all through full-blown periods. Or all the way through books, talks, movies, medicines etc; is artificially fashioned by human in order to develop as much as achievable as human desire is more everyday than many of species. Human being more clever is more leaning towards in quest of pleasure. Accomplishment of the excessive excitement initiated human to find ways to optimize and lasting.

Vatsyana's Kamasutra is one of activation towards exploration of methods. Many methods and examination and developments gave appreciation of reasons and remedies. Artless and false life too has an bring about on sexual pleasure. Attaining best sexual pleasure depends on how life style, mental and brute health, age, ecosystem and etc; of the personnel is. Many accepted and other medicines are urban to overcome animal weakness which even aged gain to rejuvenate. Mental weakness is appalling to them who fail to act due to non corollary of brain and chemicals to activate orgasm.

In my attitude impermanent mental physical condition of depression is due to failures in expert life, ego hurt, stress, chaotic and exhausting life schedule, high money-oriented involvement is curable by adjust of background after consulting doctors. Those in urban cities face this kind of job normally due to environmental and noise pollution, unsystematic life patterns, ingestion habits, overburdened functioning and etc. As I feel environmental pollution changes to make matters worse our body functioning and carry diseases by criminal functioning domino effect angriness, impatience, hurriedness and etc; are the root causes of many diseases, breakdown of sexual stimulation is one of them. Sexual act needs attention and nobody ought to be in the mind aside from craving.

The final objective of sexual life is sexual pleasure. Sexual closure indemnity relationship, individuality, and grip over partner etc.

Sadashivan Nair

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