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Sex is what brought us here. Exclusive of sex, you and I won't be here.

There is nonentity cheap or dirty about sex. It is the line towards sex that makes it degrading, sinful ,and dirty . Sex can be charming and precious. It fulfills the affair of procreation, it could also be a means to commit the most evil crime.

It is critical not only to be aware of our sexuality. We need to acknowledge its magnitude as a aspect for a balanced life. It is the fire that keeps the flames of romance aglow, the brawny fiber that knits a affiliation as one adjacent to all odds. It is refreshing, it is healing. Accept for sex add denotation to our human life and relationships.

We treat with astonishment those belongings we hold dear to our hearts. Actions that we enjoy leave us with that sense of accomplishment, of satisfaction, and make us feel good.

Music is measured the foreign language of the soul. Who does not enjoy music? It is one of the great pleasures mankind has discovered. There are as many tunes,songs and music as there are performers ,composers and song writers.

Sex is an central part of human existence. The air of sex has many faces, strikes many chords, creates a array of tempo, of harmony or dis-harmony.

Who does not admire exquisite and astounding surroundings; seek and acceptable calmness and tranquility, away from the anger of the world. Articulation and fresh-faced ambiance construct and inspire the flash for the best come into contact with of Sacred Sex.

We do not subscribe to the same type of music, but generally, there must be a bit in the music that stirs the soul; a tune that promotes a a few mood, a tune that softens or excites the psyche. Listening to music is soothing, it is inspiring, it quietens a in a mess mind.

No human doings but sex can bump up the soul, the human character to ecstasy, out of the bodily realm into a world only the two brute bodies can experience. It is not the "quickie", not the one in the backseat, or any cut off dim spot that is existing at the moment.

Anyone who has been to a concert, a recital, or attended a symphony, knows these procedures need planning. Sex is like attendance one of these events. To fully enjoy it, set aside the time , the capital desirable , plan the when and the how will biologically follow. It is not an event we concentrate to everyday. It is a special occasion we look accelerate to with anticipation. Of course,spontaneity adds pizzazz.

Why not a sacred time for sacred sex? For anybody who is fascinated to learn more about the "How to", the funds are limitless- read up on Tantric Sex or get a copy of the Kama Sutra.

But, no be of importance how much in order you read on sex, if the feelings to advance it to amazing sacred is not there, it would be awkward to come across the bliss, the bliss and the sense of completion only sacred sex can offer.

Expression is a very not public matter, so is the experience.

There is music, and there is music. Some associates enjoy the vocalist who belts out the words, in continual roll or movement. They see the singer, do they hear the song? There are others who are quite comfort with the blues, or land tempo, some go for ballads, but, there is at all times room for the appreciation of the music of the great masters. Do not confound it for the crane music. Many great music have "popular hits" versions that application to most. Take Beethoven's Fifth, Chopin's Nocturne in B Flat ( To Love Again), Mozart's Eich Nacht Music ( Twinkle, Flicker A small amount Star).

Sacred sex is like presence a symphony- the orchestra and all its sections play their part, the percussion, the wind instruments, the strings.

What does these have to do with sex? When eminent to the chief form that it can be, every definite part of the human body can be tuned up like the sections of the orchestra, to bring into being that haunting, enjoyable , elevating and enjoyable music.

Listen to some good music, it's not all one beat, one, chord, one tone. Comply with the adagio, enjoy the cantabile, the agreeableness of the dolce, then get joyful as the orchestra progresses to forte, fortissimo, con anima, then. . . it starts to slow down, go into ritardando, some endings maybe soft or bombastic, but at all times passionate. Announcement that after each act of the symphony,there are seconds of quiet, when you hear not a sound, until the genius takes his bow.

Lovers need time as one , exclusive of interruptions to get to know each other. It's a exceptional night, devoid of the children, and no telephone. It is time together,to dip in each other's love, where they be subjected to the excitement of being ONE.

Two souls are able to reach out into the depths of each other's being all through moments of intimacy. It is challenging to clarify most work of art, and feel the passion of the artist, absorb what was on his mind while creating his work.

Music is different. The artist has the choice to articulate the inner stirrings in the soul, with passion that radiates because of the performance, filters to the spectators, and enjoy the transformation to a atypical world and savor the peace surrounded by the soul .

In sacred sex, it helps to appreciate the human anatomy, to fine tune all these parts, yes, from head to toe, to stir the most passionate, euphoric and enjoyable act.

When two souls are able to reach this state of oneness, savor it, and abide by it.

That is sacred sex.

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