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How can a touch that feels so good be so wrong? Isn't being in a committed connection the same thing as being married? Many teenagers are faced with these questions when it comes to creation the assessment whether or not to have sex. It's kinda hard to say no when you are in love, engaged, attracted to or committed to someone. So why must you wait? Here are some reasons why:

The Aim of Sex

Simply put, God's aim for sex was so that human beings could have children. He gave us the commandment to 'be profitable and multiply' (Genesis 1:22) and, as an extra bonus, he made sex enjoyable for both men and women. Men and women are uniquely deliberate to enjoy the sexual act with one a new and a important bonding occurs when a combine has sex. But the bring about is not equal! Women feel one thing the cock-crow after and men feel a touch exclusively different.

What Happens When You Have Sex

One of the hormones free all through sex is Oxytocin. Oxytocin causes a character to want to touch and be touched. Oxytocin also causes a character to befit emotionally, physically and emotionally bonded to the being he or she has had sex with. So, both men and women feel close to their partner after sex, but men also be the source of the hormone vasopressin, which causes them to feel 'responsible' for the being they have had sex with. It's a good thing when that man is married, but not when he is single. The last thing most definite men want to feel is 'responsible' for a woman they are indifferently dating. Sometimes, that that atmosphere of accountability may drive the man away if he is not considerable about the being he is dating. As of these hormonal interactions, women by and large feel more 'clingy' after sex and men seem more 'distant'.

Teenage Pregnancy and STDs

Here are some of the other budding downfalls to having premarital sex: In 2000, 84 out of every 1,000 females concerning the ages of 15-19 became pregnant. This is not to say that you do not want or would not take care of your child. But wouldn't want your child to be in a home with both parents, if at all possible? So, you can get pregnant or you could cause a big shot to be pregnant. Or, you could get a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). Here are some frightening information about STDs (From the Pure Closeness Website):

* Approximately 18. 9 million new cases of STDs occur each year.

* Forty-eight percent of new STD cases in 2000 were among 15- to 24-year-olds.

* There are presently more than 25 types of STDs; some are curable, others are not.

* In 2000, approximately 822,000 pregnancies occurred among 15- to 19-year-olds.

* Seven out of ten pubertal mothers drop out of high school.

God's Plan

God bent sex so that two colonize could take pleasure in the wedding experience. He formed sex as the absolute bonding come into contact with so that a fasten could grow beefy together, bond with one other and build a loving home location for their children. When a connect has sex, they truly develop into 'one flesh', consequence that they are internally attached with each other. In the 1 Corinthians 6, we are reminded that you are attached as one flesh with whomever you have sex with. That division then goes on to say that all other sins are committed exterior our body, but having sex exterior of wedding is a sin aligned with our own bodies! And you wouldn't want to hurt yourself, now would you?

Remember - the act of sex causes a being to develop into physically, emotionally, and piously fixed with every being he or she chooses to have sex with. No be relevant how good or bad he or she treated you, no be relevant if you still are associates with that being and no be relevant if you wish you had never met him or her - you are connected.

So, the next time you are faced with the assessment of whether or not to have sex, think about it carefully. Make a certitude to honor and acknowledge manually and the anyone you are complex with by idolization God's word.

Sonya C. Triggs is the Break down of Urban Christianz Ministries, which can be found at http://www. urbanchristianz. com

Visit her website to find articles and assistance about contemporary Christian issues such as dating, relationships and spiritual growth!


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